This and last term my year group decided to work on how peace and conflict is demonstrated in different concepts. My group for example has worked on expression through creative arts which includes art, music, dance and theater. Other groups worked on topics like poverty, terrorism, government and so on. Each groups we would create a central idea and three lines of inquiry. Then we would each week work on one line of inquiry. I worked on dance and music and swapped in between them for each line of inquiry. For the lines of inquires we would research either people around the world who created songs about peace or conflict or choreograph dances around peace and conflict. I also looked at companies for dance who might help people who have disabilities or fight for rights, try to help create peace. After each team had completed their lines of inquiries each group would start to prepare themselves for the hands on part of the exhibition. Each group would be able to create or do their own hands on activity for the girls to do. My team cut out doves that students would colour in and write what makes them peaceful which we would then add onto a a peace sign. In the making of this my friend and I decided to choreograph a dance. The dance is about two opposites, light and darkness. Throughout the dance the light helps the dark become light by being its friend, helping it. Though at the beginning of the dance the darkness is creating conflict with the lightness, ‘slapping’ or ‘kicking’ the light. I was fortunate enough to perform it to the parents on stage and then showed it on a video for the students the next day. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and excited to learn more in the future.

If I am able to post the video of the dance I will.

Lots of Laughs,


Novel Studies

This term year 6 have started to read new books about government and power. The book I am currently reading is called The Ruby Talisman. It’s about a girl named Tilly who gets given a Ruby Talisman and falls asleep with it on. Tilly then wakes up in 1789 to find that she is next to one of her ancestors from the French Revolution. From then on horrible things start to occur like the Comte and Comtesse getting killed by brigands. Tilly then convinces her ancestor, Amelie-Mathilde to flee her kingdom to England, but they only get as far to Amelie-Mathilde’s cousin. Even though that is all I have gotten to so far the book has been very interesting and intriguing. I recommend it to anyone above the age 11.

Passion Project Week 7

This week I have sadly been sick, so I wasn’t able to video my dance or add in the hip hop routine. So I have completed my dance and have just finished with the Jazz. I have combined the 2 songs, starting with the Lyrical (A Thousand Years by Christina Perri) and then into the Jazz song (Jolie Coquine by Caravan Palace).

I will hopefully video my dance next week if not I will work on it during the holidays.

Lots of hugs,                                                                                                                                                                             Charlotte

Passion Project Week 6

This week I have been choreographing more of my dance. I have also finished my jazz dance and the name of that song is called  Jolie Coquine by Caravan Palace. I have done around about 1 minute of the song and plan to combine the two songs. I will start off with contemporary/ lyrical song then move into my jazz song.

Sadly our passion projects are due next week Thursday. Though if I can do another dance, I plan to do a Hip Hop routine.

Lots of Hugs,

Passion Project Week 5

Last week sadly I was sick, and I wasn’t able to post anything. But this week I have been choreographing more of my dance. I have also been starting to work on my dress. I am up to 2.02 seconds choreographed.It begins with a contemporary style and then I think I am going to transition the dance into a jazz style. I learned the Charleston, a dance style from the 1920’s, thinking that I could put it into my jazz dance, and I am still working on it. I’m not sure if i’m going to add it in.



This is what my dress looks like so far. I plan to add on some jewels on the                                                                             shoulder straps.

I will post next week!

Lots of hugs,                                                                                                                                                                             Charlotte

Passion Project Week 3

During the past two weeks I have been choreographing some of my dance to the song “a Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. To improve the dance I’ve been chatting with my family and showing them what I have choreographed and receiving ideas from them. Also after giving it some thought, for my costume I have decided to find a dress and modify it, like add on some extra bits.

I really want to make this dance something special so I’ve been trying to find areas to improve it over my last one. I want to add on some new tricks so I have been perfecting my side Ariel and chin stand. I have also been watching other dances to see if I can learn choreography from them.

I can’t wait to see the finished product and I will be blog posting what I have done next week! And I hope you like this photo, because it spooked my family out!


This is me, doing a chin stand!

Lots of laughs,                                                                                                                                                                         Charlotte

Passion Project Week 1/2

This term year 6 have been starting to work on our Passion Projects. I have chosen to choreograph a dance. I have chosen to do this because:

  1. I love doing dance!. I find it a great way to express myself
  2. I can add flips and tricks to show me doing gymnastics, which I also love!
  3. I can use different types of effects that will make the video look professional

For my Passion Project I am going to choreograph a dance including original choreography and selecting costume/costumes and location, and in sections I will show a little video/photo of another passion that I love doing, but still keep the dance as the main part. In the dance I will hopefully be able to sing the song to further show another one of my passions. Some of the other passion I plan to include are:

  1. My dog
  2. Playing the violin
  3. Trampolining
  4. Photography/being in or taking photos

My timeline for completing my project will be:

wk 1/2:

Research and select song.

Start choreography.

Research possible costume ideas.

Research possible location for shooting videos.



wk 3/4:

Complete draft choreography and elements ready to tidy.

Memorise and practice ready to shoot.

Select costumes.

Select locations.


wk 5/6:

Record video of dance, including all elements.


wk 7:

Edit videos and screen.


I can’t wait to record the dance!! Until then I will be blogging about how it’s going!!

Lots of hugs,


How do you travel to school

Most of the girls in my class (year 5) are driven to school by parents. Even though it is faster it causes lots of congestion outside the school. As we get older some of us will start taking the train or bus.

Please respond in a comment about your school,

Smiles Charlotte

My Favorite Book This Year

This term, year 5 has been reading a book called PAX. It is about a fox and a boy that go through a journey to find each other. The boy, Peter is forced by his father to be seperated from his fox. Peters dad then leaves volunteering to serve in a war, leaving Peter with his grandpa.

Pax, the fox also goes through hard times. With meeting new foxes, and exploring new places. It is especially hard for Pax because Peter found him and took him in when he was younger so he wasn’t trained for the wilderness.

From here their obstacles only seem to grow, with Peter braking his leg and Pax dealing with a death of a fellow fox. I haven’t  finished the book yet, so stay tuned for part 2 when I have finished the book. As of what I have currently read, I strongly recommend this book as a good read.